How do we relate to one another? Where is there harmony and dissonance? How can we understand ourselves, each other and our surroundings?

These inquiries take on different forms. I use tapestry to stage psychological moments that examine intrapersonal, interpersonal and spatial relationships. My woven pieces are like underdeveloped characters, pliable grids charged with potential energy. They relate and play with each other, like actors on a stage.

I study dialogue through a podcast I produce and host, called Kidnapped for Dinner. I discuss guests’ individual experiences while uncovering common threads about vulnerability, growth, creativity and more.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Miami while also studying Art History and Design.


2012, BA, Psychology
University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida  

Group Exhibitions & Events

2018, Miss Happy Zine Vol 8 with Dale Zine
Miami, Florida

2016, Miami Zine Fair
Miami, Florida

2014, Femme Fantasy, Soft Water Studios
St. Petersburg, Florida

2014, Material Girl, Edge Zones Art Projects
Miami, Florida

2013, Edge Zones Art Fair during Art Basel
Miami, Florida

2013, Solar Intuition, Wynwood Arts District Pop-Up
Miami, Florida

2011, Prettier Than Everything, Fountain Art Fair during Art Basel
Miami, Florida